Attractions & Experiences
The Yukon is home to an exciting range of cultural, heritage and outdoor experiences that will get you out on the land, into our heritage and hearing our stories first hand.
You can see our beautiful homeland from the comfort of a modern vehicle or motor boat, on horseback, by bicycling or walking. Explore the list below and check with cultural centre and visitor information centre staff to access the most up-to-date information on these opportunities.
Outdoor Experiences: Montana Mountain | Bear Cave Mountain Eco-Adventures | Fishwheel Charter Services
Whitehorse Who What Where Tours | Donjek Valley Eco-Lodge | Shakat Tun Adventures | Long Ago Peoples Place
Attractions: Bordertown Garage & Museum | Beaver Creek | First Nation Carving Shed | Carcross Commons | Yukon Motel Wildlife Exhibit
Historic Sites: Snag | Fort Selkirk Historic Site | Forty Mile, Fort Constantine, and Fort Cudahy Historic Site

Outdoor Experiences

Montana Mountain | Hiking & Mountain Biking

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Carcross Visitor Information Centre
Montana Mountain offers scenery, history, and adventure in all seasons. Summer is the high season, with hiking and mountain biking possible from sunup to sundown, colorful displays of alpine flowers everywhere, and wildlife sightings are common. Wintertime brings with it the opportunity to explore the trails by ski and snowshoe.

Montana Mountain boosts a 50 km network of mountain bike and hiking trails awarded “One of the Best in the World” by Outside Magazine in 2013. Guided rides are available as well as a shuttle service up the mountain to the start of the track. For maps and info stop by the Carcross Visitor Information Centre or visit

Bear Cave Mountain Eco-Adventures | Grizzly Bear Viewing
Old Crow

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(867) 633-2650
Bear Cave Mountain Eco-Adventures offers exclusive grizzly bear viewing for photographers, artists and wildlife enthusiasts from mid-September through mid-November. Located just south of Old Crow, Bear Cave Mountain is situated within Fishing Branch Ni'iinlii Njik Park . (Ni’iilii’njik means “where fish spawn” in the Gwitchin language.)

The Ni'iinlii Njik Park protects this remote corner of Yukon wilderness and its unique features created by limestone caves, year-round open water, salmon runs, and grizzly bears. Rugged mountains, gentle slopes, floodplains and many caves are home to one of North America’s most unique grizzly bear populations. Warm springs bubbling up from the bed of the Fishing Branch River keep the river ice free late into the fall and early winter, permitting a late season salmon run that attracts dozens of grizzly bears and other wildlife.

Our Tour Director Phil Timpany, is a renowned bear specialist and wildlife photographer. His expertise and passion for the bears and the ecology of this area make the partnership between the Vuntut Development Corporation and Bear Cave Mountain Eco-Adventures unique and successful.

Fishwheel Charter Services

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(867) 993-6237
Travel the majestic Yukon River on one of our Yukon River Trips or be in awe of the Yukon Winter on our dog sled tour. We offer a two-hour Yukon River Tour, a multi-day Yukon River Trip from Whitehorse to Dawson City and dog sled adventures during the winter.

Tommy Taylor, your only First Nation Yukon Tour Guide in Dawson City, has spent his entire life on and around the Yukon River. He offers the area’s most unique and authentic river experiences during the summer months and winter excursions under the Northern Lights.

Whitehorse Who What Where Tours

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(867) 333-0475
Who What Where Tours was created by a true Yukon Ambassador – Teena Dickson. In this day and age we would say Teena’s lead role is to pioneer in her own unique, wise way. Teena saw a real need to offer more authentic Yukon experiences led by Yukoners, which would be affordable for travellers of all ages.

Whether you are here for a visit, family matters or business… Who What Where Tours is glad you finally made it to the Yukon. Give us ‘locals’ a call. We have plenty of real stories, awesome information and several tours we want to share with you. We offer enlightening, original and fun tours to meet your needs.

We have several tour options, whether it be one of our sightseeing offerings or something off the beaten path, all our tours will provide you with a unique Yukon experience showcasing our rich history and strong cultural roots that makes the Yukon a special place to remember.

Donjek Valley Eco-Lodge (Coming Soon)

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Kluane First Nation is working closely with Parks Canada to create a new experience: an eco-lodge in Kluane National Park and Reserve. Fly-in to this eco-lodge, proposed for the Donjek Valley in the vicinity the Donjek Glacier, part of the worlds largest non-polar icefields, in the heart of the Kluane/Wrangell-St. Elias/Glacier Bay/Tatshenshini-Alsek UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After a day or two of spectacular alpine hiking, return to the upscale accommodation and amenities, including gourmet country food. Kluane First Nations citizens will provide personal interpretation on the local culture and history giving you the opportunity to learn about the heritage of the area, native plant species and the Southern Tutchone Language. Wildlife viewing in Kluane National Park and Reserve is world-class: there is excellent potential to see moose, grizzly bear, black bear, Dall’s sheep, birds of prey, mountain goat, caribou, wolf and other species. Occupancy in luxury, fully-serviced, low-impact eco-cabins, including all food and beverage, daily guest programs, guiding and transportation from Burwash Landing. Access other park experiences, including fight seeing around Mount Logan, Canada’s tallest peak, or other remote alpine hiking for additional cost. Work on this project is continuing with the anticipated date of opening summer 2018.

Shakat Tun Adventures

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(867) 332-2604
Would you like to learn the secrets of living off the land?

Located 60 kilometers north of Haines Junction on Kluane Lake, Shakat Tun Adventures offers a variety of unique experiences that take you back in time, into the deepest aspects of traditional First Nations Culture. Our beautiful base camp is tucked away in Christmas Bay with spectacular views of Sheep Mountain and the Kluane Mountain ranges, and includes: 4 cabins (4-8 people), a 32’ Yurt for meals/gatherings, 24’ smoke house/meeting place, workshop studio, wall tents and fire pits. The area is home to traditional medicinal plants and numerous wildlife including bears, wolf, sheep, bison and eagles.

Come join Shakat Tun Adventures for one of our unique day tours, overnight tours or adventure packages. These adventures include guided nature hikes on existing trapping trails, flora/fauna walks, campfire legends and stories and more.

Authentic, unforgettable and inspiring…. It’s your adventure!

Long Ago Peoples Place

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(867) 634-7047
Located just off the Alaska Highway (74 kms north of Whitehorse), en route to Haines Junction, Long Ago Peoples Place is an authentic re-creation of a traditional First Nations Village. Our experienced guides will walk you through the forest and teach you about traditional structures and how they were built and utilized by our ancestors. The experience will take you back in time when only wood, stone and animal parts were used to create everything our Southern Tutchone culture needed. From animal and fish traps, to housing and storage structures, you will learn and be amazed at the ingenuity that our ancestors had to make life vibrant in the far north. Open year round (winter by appointment).


Bordertown Garage & Museum
Beaver Creek

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Bordertown Garage and Museum was created and is operated by Beaver Creek’s colourful and legendary resident Sid van der Meer. Located in Sid’s back yard, the museum has been called “one of the quirkiest collections of antiques and artifacts anywhere in North America”. The museum features a variety of themed rooms and several garages that house Sid’s restored vehicles including a '28 Model A, a '56 Pontiac or a '51 Buick. Sid's vehicle collection is almost as extensive as his collection of antiques and other treasures including ancient fossilized turtles to Pearl Harbour helmets. Sid invites you to drop by for a personalized tour. Admission is by donation.

First Nation Carving Shed

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(867) 821 6012
The Carving Shed houses one the area's oldest traditions. Here citizens of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation nurture an art form that has been practiced for generations over thousands of years. See Master Carver Keith Wolfe Smarch and his team of carvers as they work on traditional Inland Tlingit and Tagish totem poles, masks, and more. For maps and info stop by the Carcross Visitor Information Centre.

Carcross Commons

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Walk in the footsteps of Skookum Jim and feel the spirit of a people that have lived in this breathtaking confluence of rivers, lakes, and ancient trade routes for over 10,000 years. Let our story become part of your story, one that you will be proud to pass onto your children and their children. Only a 45-minute drive south of Whitehorse, we invite you to let us take your breath away with our modern bistros, cool cafes, local artisans’ boutiques and much more. Visit our Facebook page to learn more.

Yukon Motel Wildlife Exhibit

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(867) 390-2575
Our Northern Wildlife Museum is the finest the Yukon has to offer. Numerous species of Yukon wildlife are on display in their natural habitat. It is an incredibly informative and educational display.

Historic Sites

Beaver Creek

For more Information:
White River First Nation
(867) 862-7802
This historic village is located 25 kilometers east of Beaver Creek off the Alaska Highway. Snag was named for the tendency of boats getting snagged in the rough waters of the White River during the Klondike Gold Rush. The US/Canada governments built an airport to create a safe landing strip during WWII.

The White River First Nation families that lived in the area were one of the most isolated aboriginal groups in North America. Snag is also known as the "coldest place in North America" the after hitting a record -63.9C (-83.0 F) in 1947. In 1948, two Roman Catholic priests built a log church near airport in an area known as the Snag Indian Village and rented a little shack for the school. Today Snag Indian Village is considered a ghost town. Guided tours are available.

For photos and more information stop by the Beaver Creek Visitor Information Centre or contact the local First Nation.

Forty Mile, Fort Constantine, and Fort Cudahy Historic Site
Dawson City

Photo: Government of Yukon
For more Information:
YG Historic Sites
(867) 667-5386
This historic site on the Yukon River straddles the mouth of the Fortymile River, northwest of Dawson City. There are the remains of three clusters of pre-Klondike Gold Rush communities; a mining town, Yukon’s first North West Mounted Police post and an American-based commercial trading post. It is cooperatively owned and managed by the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation and Yukon Government. This is a summer attraction. For more info phone YG Historic Sites Unit, (867) 667-5386.

Fort Selkirk Historic Site
Pelly Crossing

Photo: Government of Yukon
For more Information:
YG Historic Sites
(867) 667-5386
Occupied for centuries by FN people, this historic settlement is a living cultural heritage site near the confluence of the Yukon and Pelly rivers. Designated as a Territorial historic site, it is co-owned and co-managed by the Yukon Government’sHistoric Sites Unit and the Selkirk First Nation. The settlement was established by the Hudson’s Bay Co. in 1848, as a trading post for the Northern Tutchone people,then occupied sporadically by traders, missionaries, and the RCMP until the 1950s. About 40 buildings still stand in good repair. Visitors can see the site virtually unchanged since it was abandoned. Guided tours and campground facilities are available. Accessible by air and water only. Commercial tours operate out of Minto Resorts. For more information contact the Selkirk First Nation Heritage Officer at (867) 537- 3331.