Welcome Guide Now Available

Welcome Guide Now Available

The beautiful 52-page publication has been designed to showcase Yukon First Nations dynamic, evolving and rich cultural traditions to both local and visitor audiences.

Over the past two years, YFNCT has been working with Aasman Brand Communications and all 14 First Nations to develop the guide. The guide includes a double page spread on each First Nation, highlighting their unique history and culture, language, community voices, and the Top 5 Things To Do in each community. It includes some of the same information featured in the previous edition along with key information to help connect visitors with authentic First Nations experiences and culture.

Through specially commissioned photography and the many talented Yukon photographers who have contributed images, it captures the dynamic spirit and beauty that exists in Yukon.

The first Welcome Guide was first produced by YFNTA in 2001 and reprinted three times with minor changes.  The most recent edition was printed in 2007.  Much has happened with Yukon First Nations over the last 17 years. The past decade has seen an amazing growth in arts, culture and tourism sectors through an array of cultural and heritage attractions developed by Yukon First Nations, including new cultural centres, displays, activities, experiential programs, and festivals. Concurrently, there has been a growing demand amongst visitors for First Nations experiences and information.

YFNCT has ordered 70,000 copies to be distributed across the territory and will be available for pick up at Visitor Information Centers and Cultural Centres. Click HERE to view online.