Yúk'e Arts Market Hours

Yúk'e Arts Market Hours

The Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association (YFNCT), in partnership with the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre (KDCC) present the first annual Yúk’e Arts Market from Nov 23rd – Dec 16th.  

This new market will showcase Yukon Indigenous art, craft and gift products in a beautiful gallery setting throughout the Christmas shopping season. The market will be held in the Artist Studio at KDCC and will coincide with well-established craft fairs and major events including the Cranberry Fair, 12 Days of Christmas, KDCC Craft Fair & Open House, Advancing Indigenous Tourism Conference, annual gatherings, conferences and much more.  


YFNCT will be launching the new YFN Arts Brand at this event. This brand celebrates and educates the public on Indigenous artwork under the tagline OUR ART | OUR STORIES. YFNCT will distribute brand merchandizing and marketing material including sales bags, product stickers, signage and jeweller bags and boxes. Look forward to further updates on this initiative in the near future!  

Market Hours:    

Saturday November 23 10am-4pm

Sunday November 24 10am-4pm

Monday November 25 10am-6pm

Tuesday November 26 10am-6pm

Wednesday November 27 10am-6pm

Thursday November 28 10am-6pm

Friday November 29 10am-6pm

Saturday November 30 10am-6pm

Sunday December 1 11am-5pm

Monday December 2 10am-6pm

Tuesday December 3 10am-6pm

Wednesday December 4 10am-8pm

Thursday December 5 10am-6pm

Friday December 6 10am-6pm

Saturday December 7 10am-6pm

Sunday December 8 11am-5pm

Monday December 9 10am-6pm

Tuesday December 10 10am-6pm

Wednesday December 10am-6pm 

Thursday December 12 10am-7pm

Friday December 13 10am-7pm

Saturday December 14 10am-7pm

Sunday December 15 11am-7pm

Monday December 15 10am-6pm

 Participating artists include: 

Maria Rose Sikyea, Temira Vance, Teagyn Vallevand, Amy Tessar, Dawna Hope, Justien Wood, Annabelle Lattie, Leisa Gattie-Thurmer, Dennis Shorty, Hazel Buffalo Robe, Whitney Horne, Brenda Lee Asp, Blake Lepine, Diane Olsen, Lena Moon, Shirley Bien, Edith Baker, Jonathan Wurtak, Shirley Smith, Megan Jensen, Gary Tautenhahn, Rhoda Merkel, Robyn McLeod, Copper Caribou, Glenis Allen, Kim Fleshman, Mark Preston, Ben Gribben, Melina Hougen, Shania Noksana, Agnes Noksana, Kanelsa Noksana, Heather Callaghan and more!