Short Term Contract Opportunity: Adäka Hospitality Coordinator

Short Term Contract Opportunity: Adäka Hospitality Coordinator

Timeframe: June 26th – July 5th ; 8AM – 8PM daily

Fee: $30/hr

Job Purpose: To provide a safe, healthy, clean and friendly atmosphere while abiding by all Safe Food Handling and Preparation requirements.


  • Knowledge of safe food handling and safe food preparation
  • Knowledge of specific meal requirements (aware of possible allergies, gluten-free, etc.)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensures safe food handling preparation
  • Works with festival producers to develop menu
  • All food in hospitality will not require cooking, it will all be fresh platters, snacks, coffee, etc.
  • Initial large shop and follow up shopping to replenish food supplies
  • Working with hospitality budget
  • Working with volunteers and co-hosp
  • Provides a hospitable environment to all crew and guests
  • Good verbal communication skills and sensitivity to customer needs
  • Provides hospitality to performers, sound crew, staff
  • Cleans all borrowed equipment and appliances to prepare for return to appropriate persons
  • Set up and clean up of hospitality rooms

Please email or call Erin at; 667-7698 ext 206 for more info.