AITC Conference App

AITC Conference App

We have a Conference App!  

Our FREE interactive platform provides you with all of the information about our Conference, as well as an opportunity to participate in the discussion, ask questions and respond to polls. All that is required is that you download the Event App onto your phone or tablet*.

A. Download the Ignite Event Portal from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

B. Once downloaded, open the app and enter the event code AITC2019

C. Register yourself in the app to participate in discussion, share contacts and exchange messages with other participants. Registration is free and optional, however certain features are only available to registered users (Voting, Messaging, Attendee List, What’s Up?). To register:
- Swipe left on the App to access the second menu page, and ’tap’ the MyEvent icon.
- Tap the Log In icon.
- Tap Register Now, enter your name, email address and attendee type, and submit the form.
- A confirmation email will be sent, containing your username and password. Use these, if you need to sign in from a different device.

D. Adjust your privacy settings as desired. These may be changed at any time in your ‘MyEvent’ account settings.

E: If you already have registered in the app, use the ‘Login now’ option on the bottom of the ‘Register Now’ page to access your profile.

*You may also view the web version on your laptop at this link.